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by:UNIQUE      2020-07-05
Gantry crane is designed with two upright beams and then a cross beam. It has two legs shaped in an A-frame design with wheels on the bottom to make it portable and movable. Gantry cranes are available in different types to accomplish different tasks in different industries. Container crane type is a ship-to-shore rail mounted gantry crane that lifts containers from the dock and move out along the rails to place the containers on the ship. Similarly, workstation gantry cranes are used to lift and transport comparatively smaller items around the working are of a factory or machine shop. This type of gantry crane is remains stationary while loaded and mobile while unloaded. Another type is rail mounted gantry crane which is electrically powered and mostly found in factory applications like steel yards, paper mills or locomotive repair shops. Its capacity ranging from 2 to 200 tons and in custom made it is greater than that. Gantry cranes are available in fixed height type or adjustable type so you can choose it according to your needs. In adjustable type gantry crane has ridges on the support beams and these ridges make possible the hoist to move at different heights. If you have small manufacturing unit you can use single girder gantry crane which is smaller than usual and has wheels that can be fixed in various areas of your factory. But you are somewhat larger unit and need to lift heavier objects then you should opt for double girder type of gantry crane. Thus different types of gantry cranes utilize in different industries to solve various problems of material handling. In case you cannot find the gantry crane that solve your problems then you can go for custom made gantry crane such types of gantry cranes are supplied by many manufacturers, just give them your requirements and answer their questions they will create a piece special for you. They also offer fast shipment and installation responsibilities. In modern age you need not to confine up to your country but you can go online and surf the web to get desired product from various online websites around the globe, with comparing their prices too. Thus you can get best product with best price tag.
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