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by:UNIQUE      2020-10-20

A commercial landscaper is aware of ordinances in the community. They also know the time consuming job of planning the project to assure a great view. They will also keep the maintenance up and relieve you of that responsibility.

There is a lot more to landscaping than sticking a bush in the ground and letting it grow. It is important to know where water lines, electric cables, gas and telephone lines are before you start digging. Professional landscapers do that before the shovel hits the ground. It is all part of their safety training.

Consult the other businesses that have landscaping that you admire. That is always a good place to start. A full service landscaper will offer a variety of services. they will plan your area, add water features, add the attractive lighting to bring emphasis to an area, continue with maintenance of the property and be sure they control erosion when necessary.

You will not want to settle for less than the best. You will want someone who can take care of your outdoors and maintain the property to keep it at its peak. Eye appeal is important. Perhaps a bench or a poi pond will add the special effect to a quiet area of your property. Your pathways need to be safe and attractive. Will you be using concrete, brick or stone? Your professional landscaper will have the right answer to your questions.

Have you had to stand in the searing sun to water your yard? A professional can install sprinkler systems and make irrigation a mindless endeavor for you. It will be set on a timer and needs no help to start and stop.

Solar lighting can add light to your commercial area and increase traffic safety when necessary. It will be set to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. There is no need for you to flip a switch to get it going. it will happen automatically.

There are other options. You can draw a plan of your property and start there. Then you can diagram the entire property to point out each obstacle and other feature of your property. After that, you can search the nurseries and garden suppliers for plants that may or may not grow the way you would want them too. You can then take time off from work to call all of the utility companies and ask them to come out to label the areas that you need to exercise caution.

From there, you can have your soil checked to see what is needed to enrich it. Then you will start to plant, plant and plant some more. Maintenance will proceed from there. You will weed the area, water the area and replace the bushes that die at your own expense.

Your other option is to hire a landscaper and let them do the work. Sign up for a maintenance plan. Your only job will be to write the check every month and admire the work.

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