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Whenever it comes to a pump that is known for

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-18
The eccentric screw pumps are also known as helical rotor pumps, progressive cavity pumps or mono pumps. The manufacturers of these kinds of pumps also specialize in the designing of drum pumps and mag drive pumps. There is a reason why these pumps are also known as progressive cavity pumps. The geometry and especially the dimensions of the stator and elastometer are designed in such a way that a double string of sealed chambers, otherwise known as cavities are produced as soon as the rotor starts turning inside the stator. The chambers start to move axially from one part to another of the pump. That is to say that they move from the suction port to the discharge port of the machine, all the while carrying the fluid with them. If one requires the pressure to be more for the purpose of transferring more quantity of fluid within a given time, they would require having a bigger pump in order to ensure that the required amount of pressure is maintained. As far as the type of fluid is concerned, this pump allows the user much more flexibility than other kinds of pumps. You can transport viscous, abrasive, heterogeneous, shear-sensitive and frothing fluids from one place to another with the help of this pump. In comparison with drum pumps, the benefits of using eccentric screw pumps can be easily categorized: High suction lift capabilities Self-priming Constant non-pulsating flow Volumetric accuracy High efficiency Excellent pressure stability Easy treatment of high viscosity and abrasive fluids Capability to transport multiphase fluids Conservation of product reliability Simple design Valve-less operation Reversible flow direction Hardly any other pump offers a user so much flexibility and usability. That is why helical rotor pumps are used for a variety of purposes. In the field of abattoir, it is used for making minced meat, blood, bones, meat purees, thick non flowing paste, and chicken offal. The construction industry uses it for making mortar, coat, cement, and concrete; while the beverage industry uses it for making fruit juice, pulp, liquors, beer, fruit paste, etc. However, its biggest use is perhaps done in the chemical and petrochemical industry where it produces everything from resin, reagent, caustic soda, acids, crude oil, sludge, biodiesel, shear sensitive latex emulsion, chemicals, condensate, pharmaceutical filter cake, polyelectrolyte, etc.
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