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Acne sufferers have a few possible options for

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-06

Home remedies can be good options for acne sufferers who are sensitive to the chemicals in these medicines. Making home remedies for acne can also be a more cost effective option since over the counter medicines are an added expense. Some of these pimple-fighting medicines can also lose their effectiveness as the body adjusts to them. The following treatments are considered both effective and inexpensive:

1. Fresh potatoes are possible remedies that can help reduce the excess sebum. Potato juice can be obtained by peeling and grating a potato and squeezing out this liquid. Applying this juice to acne lesions for about 15 minutes will decrease the swelling and redness as well. The potato juice can then be washed off with warm water and a mild cleanser. This treatment works best when applied every other day before bed, and it should lead to the disappearance of cystic acne lesions after a few weeks.

2. Some acne sufferers also see improvements from using neem leaves. These leaves come from a plant that is often used in different types of Eastern medicine. Crushed neem leaves are mixed with a small measure of turmeric powder and formed into a paste to be applied to acne patches. The medicinal properties of this mixture will help to clear away both excess oil and harmful bacteria.

3. Simple changes in diet can make a difference in acne severity. Many foods with artificial ingredients, dyes, and preservatives can contribute to acne problems in some people with sensitivities to these kinds of additives. Blemishes can occur when the body attempts to push out these types of toxins through the skin pores. Contrary to some popular beliefs, there is little scientific evidence that certain foods such as chocolate will cause acne in every individual.

4. Egg whites are another topical remedy for cystic acne blemishes. Whites applied to pimples will draw out impurities and prevent further bacterial growth. Milk of magnesia is another option for an easy anti-acne face mask. Peppermint and lavender oil added to boiled water can also make an effective steam bath that will open up clogged pores. These oils also have bacteria-fighting properties that can prevent further blemishes from forming.

5. Pieces of raw potato can help soothe existing blemishes when rubbed over patches of acne. The results include faster healing times and less swelling or redness. This type of natural astringent can also help to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

6. Oatmeal face masks are one of the easiest options for a cystic acne home treatment. Cooked oatmeal can be cooled off in the refrigerator before applying it to the face. Another method is to mix raw oats with cool water and create a paste out of this mixture. Each of these oatmeal masks should be left to dry for about 30 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Oatmeal naturally dries out the extra oil in the skin and also acts as a good exfoliation mask for removing dead skin cells.

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