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Although the service life of the crusher hammer

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-20

We know that, the users are concerned about the service life and wear resistance of the crusher hammer most, these customer will generally order directly from the crusher hammer manufacturers, so the price will be cheaper 2-3 yuan/t than the distribution agents price. Therefore, the Therefore,the order procedure is also different depending on the customer demands. So far DSMAC, which known as wear-resistant materials steward of the cement industry,its crusher hammer customers order procedure is as follows:

1. Consult though the online communication for the crusher hammer, and send hammerhead drawings to confirm that the manufacture can be processing, after the quote then confirm the date of delivery and the payment way, such as the gravel pits,building stones plant etc. And these customer consult the high chrome crusher hammer and 'big gold teeth' crusher hammerhead most.

2.Having a visit to a factory to see the production capacity or visit the manufacture's customer site, than decide wether to order. Most customer can be conquered by the DSMAC crusher hammer production field and will sign the order contact directly.

3.After introducing by a friend then come to DSMAC factory have a visit, and these customer have a detailed understanding to the manufacture and product. Also they recognize DSMAC product and generally become DSMAC long-term customers.

4.These customer will investigate DSMAC crusher hammer quality when they order DSMAC crusher equipment, later, they can order the hammer directly to time .

5. For Large Cement and Building Materials Group,there one of subsidiary think DSMAC crusher parts have a good using effect after testing, then these large group can establish a long-term subscription contracts though the tender offering, such as the Tianrui cement, Shanshui Cement, Huaxin Cement etc..

It is worth mentioning that not only the domestic customers think highly of the DSMAC crusher hammer, high chrome composite hammer head also the foreign customers order the crusher hammer from DSMAV long-term.

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