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by:UNIQUE      2020-10-14

Rather than mixing concrete by the barrowful on site, they can deliver concrete supplies of up to 4.3m3 with their mini mix vehicles. While these mixes are smaller than those delivered by some concrete companies, this allows this firm to handle smaller jobs that may be passed up by competitors. However, for larger industrial or commercial jobs they can supply 6m3 and 8m3 lorry loads if required. Regardless of the size of your plot, they can provide mixed concrete of various classes and strengths to suit.

This industry leader's smaller vehicles also mean that they can deliver ready mixes to site where access is restricted, a particularly useful service for domestic customers. By not having to mix concrete on site, contractors and DIY enthusiasts can also ensure that the site is kept tidy, and the staining of floors or lawns kept to an absolute minimum.

Ready mix concrete is especially useful in Britain given the unpredictable weather conditions to which the country is subjected. As mixing by hand or with a portable mixer takes more time, contractors could find themselves caught out by a shower of rain which affects the viscosity of the mix and makes concreting a nightmare.

Cheap ready mix concrete Dunstable from a specialist team like this solves this problem, as the mix is delivered promptly and on time and can be usually deposited straight into the intended plot, access willing. This specialist understands that your ability to meet deadlines rests on them; they're confident that one job is enough to prove their high standards of service.

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