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As for debugging: Although manufacture has adjusted

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-18

1. Check engine wiring, as well as voltage (normal voltage is 380V).

2. Check if lubricating oil pipe is well connected, refuel with Mobile vehicle special or 3# lithium saponify again before test run.

3. Check connections between components if it is stable and reliable. Carefully check whether there is foreign substance, if so, it must be eliminated at once.

4. Before belt installation, first start electric motor, direction of turning should be in accordance with direction of crusher rating plate (Seeing from material inlet, impeller rotates in an anticlockwise direction). If it is in the reverse direction with rating plate, electric motor wiring should be adjusted to make the turning direction in the same direction with rating plate, rotating in reverse direction is not allowed.

5. For electric motor with double drive, principal axis and electric machine at two sides connects with principal axis by using equal amount of texrope, take-up tension for two-side texrope should be adjusted to equal and level.

Reformation and Optimization of Limestone Crusher, Limestone Grinder

Lime stone has advantages of wide in originate, low in cost, diverse in use, thus, it is widely used in building material, industry, mining industry, and other industries. But it must used for crushing, grinding, milling, and further processing, only can display its maximum value.

Limestone usually adopts hammer crusher, but traditional hammer crusher has some disadvantages, our technology department puts forward some advices on improvements, in view of disadvantages of hammer crusher, according to actual application:

1. Prolong bar shelf with 160nm, which allows for additional 4 bars to be added to strengthen

doing work area, timely discharge product with qualified granularity, reduce the phenomenon of over crushing, reduce the load of crusher, easy to advance production capacity. Limestone grinding mill processing plant

2. The overall structure of top body frame can be reformed to split-casing structure, the structure is easy to maintenance and repair the rotors, which only needs to move the left section of splitting part away, that is pick rotors up.

Attention must be paid while reforming, when splits top body frame, welds a pair of flanges, stress are requested to be removed. Changing radian of bar shelf from R520 to R510, reduces the gap between bar and hammer head, also easy to adjust bar shelf. There is enough room available for adjusting bar shelf when hammer head is worn.

3. Fixing bar shelf and bar by bead welding. After bar shelf, bar are being installed and positioned, wear resistant bead welding rod is used to bear weld for reinforcing bar shelf, bead welding height of wearing working surface is up to about 5mm, meanwhile, bar is welded and fixed on bar shelf, which can prevent bar shelf from deforming, and bar from spilling out for fixing and protection.

The improvement can greatly prolong the using time for bar shelf and bar, and reduce material consumption.

4. Dynamic balance test to the rotor of hammer crusher should be carried out, balance hammer head should be installed, this improvement is an important way to solve vibration of hammer crusher.

Integrates foundation of hammer crusher with drive electric motor, masonry with concrete to reinforce its anti-vibration performance, which can avoid foundation from being damaged, and guarantee the operational performance of hammer crusher.

After being improved, the effect is very remarkable, especially for crushing limestone, wearing capacity of hammer head has been increased, utilization rate has been advanced, crushing production capacity has been improved, using time for bar shelf and bar has been prolonged.

Large-scale company at home and abroad, which specializes in professionally developing and researching stone breaker, impact crusher, coal slurry dryer, limestone production line, crusher, iron ore beneficiation equipment, cement mill, rotary kiln, cement production line, sandstone production line, sand making production line, the products have won many medals of honor and passed international quality system attestation, and the products have been exported to over 200 overseas countries and regions.

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