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China's current development of hydraulic breaking

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-20

From the last century since the early 80s, many organizations involved in our research and development of hydraulic hammer. Scientific research organizations are Changsha Mining Research Institute, Beijing Science and Technology University, Central-South Industrial University and manufactures are Jiaxing Metallurgical Machinery Factory, Xuanhua Mining Machinery Factory, Henan Construction Machinery Plant, Tonghua Pneumatic Tools Plant, Changzhi Hydraulic Component Factory, Shenyang Pneumatic Tools Plant, Yueyang Machine Tools Plant, Harbin Hydraulic Machine Factory, Foshan Textile Machinery Factory, Ma'an Shan Giant Company, Hunan Sunward Companies etc, over 20 organizations. There are various types of hydraulic hammers have passed the technical appraisal.

But today, most manufacturers has discontinued their former production because the product was not readily marketable with poor quality. Only Changzhi Hydraulic Component Factory has been insisting producing the hydraulic hammers, Shenyang pneumatic tools plant with Furukawa Japan produce Furukawa G series Hydraulic Hammer , Ma'an Shan Giant company, Hunan Sunward make their own marks hydraulic hammer in the early years of 21st century, however, its scales volume is still smal.

The current domestic situation in this industry

(1) more vendors and fewer manufacturers

Into the 21st century, as China's infrastructure and construction industry developing, China's construction machinery market has also greatly developed. The growth of excavator market is particularly rapid, from 1999 sales of 7,434 sets to 23,500 sets in 2003 and is forecast to reach 27,500 sets in 2004 and will reach 30,000 in 2005.

As the component of the hydraulic excavator, the market requirements of hydraulic breaking hammer are also increasing rapidly. The domestic variety, quality and quantity of hydraulic hammer can not meet the domestic market needs. Therefore a large number of foreign hydraulic hammer entered into Chinese market. Germany, Finland, the United States, Italy, Canada, Japan and South Korea's hydraulic hammers can be found in the China market. Among them, the volume of South Korea was the largest.

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