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by:UNIQUE      2020-10-19

Concrete repairs methods

It is important to mention that while a DIY person can undertake the task of concrete repairs this may not always be a wise idea. That being said a DIY person can save money by plugging smaller cracks and leaving the larger more dangerous ones to professionals. The first thing you will need is crack repair injections that consist of two cartridges which dispense a multi layered material. The gun works by injecting a steady stream of polyurethane or an epoxy at low pressure and high speed.

Concrete repairs injections can fill cracks measuring up to an inch in width. Cracks in walls, basements, and ceilings can easily be patched using this gun. Polyurethane foams are used to seal more than one crack at a time which measure one quarter of an inch thick while milder damages can be sealed using epoxy.

You should call in a professional if the cracks are a result of a damaged foundation. This can be a lengthy and expensive job but done in time and it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Non-allowable and allowable crack widths

Concrete repairs need to be treated immediately with the right corrective measures. That being said you can judge the gravity of the issue from the length and width of these cracks. When you expose reinforced concrete to air it will form cracks measuring around 0.016 inches which is a tolerable limit. But when exposed to moist air the tolerance will be 0.012 inches. If you live near the sea you should never ignore cracks measuring over 0.0006 inches in width.

Preventing concrete cracks

In order to prevent concrete cracks you need to remove all signs of vegetation near your concrete foundation. Roots of various plant samplings are the most common culprit of these cracks.

Make it a point to seal and then water proof all the small holes or indentations that you see in the foundation of the layer covering it. You should also maintain the drainage system so that all the rain water or melting snow does not cause extensive damage. Make sure there is no water standing around your home especially in the basement which can cause seepage and cracking of the main pillars.

Carrying out extensive concrete repairs should be left up to the professionals. However, you can save some money by repairing a few minor cracks yourself using the methods above.

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