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by:UNIQUE      2020-10-16

Farmers and small holdings - Making use of a block machine can help farmers to produce their own blocks and bricks used in building structures on their farms or small holdings. This can cut down expenses usually incurred when purchasing from a large supplier. The farmer can also supply neighbouring farms of such blocks and bricks at a lower cost than otherwise incurred, broadening their business model.

NGO's involved in projects that require building and construction - Many NGO's are involved in building houses and other structures for underprivileged communities in the developing world. In some cases these locations are inaccessible by transportation or the costs of transporting large amounts of bricks and blocks might raise costs so much that it puts a drain on funds. In such cases, making the initial investment of buying a block machine can help save money as well as teaching and empowering local communities with new skills and sustainable practices.

You cut out the middle man in the production of bricks and blocks. Customize the machine you buy to suit your operation perfectly. Save time and money on transportation costs by producing blocks and bricks on site. Choose between different moulds to fit the project specifications.

Be ensured about the quality of bricks and blocks you produce instead of depending on another company's workmanship. Flexible production schedules can ensure optimization of resources and man-power.

Powered by petrol, diesel, or electric motors. Controls can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Pallet sizes and handling systems can vary depending on model. Uses vibration and hydraulics to forms blocks or bricks. Differing moulds are available to shape different bricks and blocks. Typically made from hardened steel or cast iron to withstand the strain of construction sites.

Manufacturing concrete blocks and other concrete products is a great business opportunity. It can be started part time while you work at your job.

You can start with very little investment and grow the business till it becomes a full time very profitable enterprise. When you start out as a cement block manufacturer you will concentrate on making standard blocks as used for building block walls or a block concrete foundation for a building.

As you get further into the concrete products business you will expand into making a number of different types of concrete block products. Concrete bricks of standard brick size are quite widely used and can be easily made. Many other types of concrete products are in constant strong demand.

Decorative cinder blocks of various styles are in strong demand for building block concrete walls and dividers. These can be made with various designs incorporated into the style of the block. They can also be made in colors by adding coloring to the concrete mix.

Concrete patio slabs are always a strong seller. They are used not only for patios but for pathways and driveways also.

You can wholesale your concrete blocks and other products to building supply stores or retail them directly to the consumer. You sell in quantity to the commercial outlets at,of course,a discount from the retail price. You sell directly to the consumer in smaller amounts at full retail price. Either way you will do very well with your low overhead costs.

Homes and commercial buildings with block concrete foundations are very common and this is a great market for your concrete precast blocks. This is a very good alternative to poured concrete foundations and is quite popular.

Brick and block producing plants - These plants can benefit from expert advice and consultation when purchasing new equipment from a reputable company. Plant layout and efficiency analysis might indicate how small changes can make a big difference. It is also important to look at quality and warrantees offered by leading dealers in the equipment, since this will affect whether the block machine will become an asset rather than a liability.

A concrete brick machine is your best asset for volume production which keeps labor costs down. This enables you to quote the best concrete block prices.

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