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Iron ore crushing and dry separation process should

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-19

China is the largest buyer of international iron ore. In 2008 China imported a total of 4.4366 million tons of iron ore, accounting for the proportion of the world's seaborne iron ore is about 52%; while Japan imports about 1.0526 million tons, accounting for the proportion of about 12.3%; South Korea imported 0.4954 million tons, the proportion accounted for about 6%. Recently, the domestic prices of imported iron ore prices and Tie Jingfen appeared in sharp declines. Tie Jingfen the domestic market starting from August 10 lower, from August 7 to 920 yuan/ton August 26 fell to 770 yuan/ton in just two weeks time, down 150 yuan, the current Iron Concentrate Flour prices have dropped to early July levels. While imports of iron ore spot price has lagged behind, starting from August 17, India, 63.5% grade iron ore spot pricing began to fall outside the disc, from 110-112 U.S. $/ton fell to August 25 high of 96-98 U.S. $/ton, down 14 U.S. $/ton, down to the end of July level.

According to statistics, we can see that the first quarter of this year compared to significant improvement in the current market, especially in the ball ore market is already showing signs of recovery. But the market should return to September 2008 the situation before the outbreak of the financial crisis will take a very long time. Rise in iron ore production, directly stimulate the growth of demand for iron ore, which is for the mining machinery industry is also a happy event, as China's largest production base of iron ore processing equipment, Shanghai Jianye Company, thejaw crusher, Impact Crusher,and other ore crusher machine demand increases, to the ore crusher has brought new opportunities.

PE series Jaw Crusher with a world-class manufacturing processes and the most high-end production of materials, using a world-class manufacturing processes and the most high-end production of materials, using integrated steel bearing structure, to ensure full cooperation with the broken frame, greatly enhance the bearing of the radial strength, crushing chamber symmetrical 'v'-shaped structure, the actual name of the feed mouth width and mouth width of the feed line. The latest use of tooth shield, increasing the effective length of the jaw plate and increase production.PE series Jaw Crusher number of columns to improve and expand the scope of fragmentation, increasing production of ore crushing, fully meet the demand for iron ore processing.

Gravel crusher and other optional equipments such vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and so on can make up gravel crushing plant or gravel crusher line used for more efficiency crushing. Gravel crusher plant is the ideal production equipment for sand making process, bedding material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate processing.

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