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by:UNIQUE      2020-05-09
Coal fly ash, hunting down from the coal burning, is the main solid waste. With the development of the electric power industry, the coal fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants is increasing year by year. At present, fly ash is one of the large industrial emission waste in China. If large amount of fly ash were not to be treated, it would generate dust and bring about atmospheric pollution; If the dust discharged into river, it would cause choke in river and one of the toxic chemical substances also be harm to human body and creatures. It has become an important technical and economic policy for China economic construction that the comprehensive utilization of coal fly ash, reuse, turn harmless into good of fly ash. That is the important measure being taken by China power to solve the contradiction problem between environmental pollution and the lack of resources. Mixing the fly ash with concrete will save large amount of cement and fine aggregate; Reduce water consumption; Improve the concrete mixing content of workability; Enhance the concrete of the pumped; Reduced the creep of concrete; Reduce the hydration heat, heat expansion; Improving the concrete pervasion ability; To increase the modification of the concrete. All the above features make powder mill become the main impetus for fly ash reprocessing. Being in line with the energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development principle, the solution using high pressure powder mill to deal with fly ash will cover power plant processing fly ash field in our country. It also has special material wear block which can be replaced easily in each exit of channel. After the materials are in a certain speed, the impeller will threw them which will impact the lining layer in the crushing cavity. After our introduction, our customers will not have big problems and troubles in the operation and maintenance of dryer machine. It will also increase the relative safety factor of dryer, save the cost and guarantee the safety production. If you have any questions, you can come to our factory for technical staff on-site to answer, or visit our professional dryer site and consult the service staff. We will certainly make our efforts to achieve your satisfaction. Mobile impact crusher : http://www.hxjqcrusher.com/crusher/Mobile-crusher-station.html Flotation cell : http://www.hxjq-crushers.com/47.htm Cone crusher supplier : http://www.best-crushers.com/conecrusher.htm Sand making machine : http://www.best-crushers.com/sandmaker.htm Vibratory feeder : http://www.china-crusher.com/vibrating-feeder1.html
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