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Stamped concrete has been nothing short of a miracle

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-11

What is stamped concrete?

It is the process of pouring concrete in driveways, walkways and other areas, and then creating impressions on this concrete before it is dry. It is now possible to recreate almost any conventional flooring option. Complex designs and textures can now be achieved by incorporating a variety of patterns.

How is it done?

The process begins by laying concrete of about 4 inches thick. Color is then added to the mixer; this allows the color to be spread evenly. The next process is to apply release agents; these agents ensure that texture mats are released effortlessly without disturbing the concrete. After this is done, texture mats are laid out to cover the area where the design is required. This is left undisturbed until dry. After the concrete is dry, the release agents are removed and finished with a sealant.

Why do people prefer them over conventional flooring options?

Brick, pavers, and other options aren't bad per se, but they're difficult to maintain. Over time they are prone to weed buildup causing the cracks to widen. They're not susceptible frost and other weather changes as well. Besides they aren't expensive. They're versatile; in fact you can even blend them with other styles including stain concrete and polished concrete floors.

What are the costs?

The price of laying stamped concrete usually depends on two factors; the area where you belong and the contractor you choose. When the price of raw materials and labor is low the costs shall be less. The price also varies on the type of colorants that are used. You can control costs by choosing the shape of your concrete carefully or mixing stamped concrete with plain concrete.

You can either choose to do it yourself or contract a professional. There are several websites that guide people on simple techniques and designs that can be done by anybody. But laying stamped concrete is almost like an art; you need to be creative. If creativity isn't your forte, it's best to leave the job to professional contractors.

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