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Whether you are a trades person, courier or construction

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-08
A professional firm need professional trucks, which is why it can pay to invest in vehicles which are designed for heavy day to day use. When you need greater capacity and performance than a conventional van, there are a few day cab trucks for sale to choose from. Read on to learn more about two of the most popular of these. TRAKKER For daily use in construction environments a TRAKKER truck with Active Day cab is ideal. Whether you are working in road maintenance or concrete supply, this truck will never let you down. When the terrain and conditions get tough, the TRAKKER comes into its own, without ever compromising on comfort. A heated driver's seat will make cold mornings on the road much more bearable, whilst the cab can also be modified to carry up to three people. Designed for maximum functionality, the cab features handy storage compartments which can hold all of your essentials, from your tools to your packed lunch, as well as coat hooks and a stowed clipboard. All of this in a compact cab for easy manoeuvrability. EUROCARGO This middleweight vehicle will make your daily driving experience much more enjoyable, and is perfect for both city driving and longer journeys. Ideal for those working in distribution, construction or freight, EUROCARGO features a compact cab alongside a spacious body; all combined in a truck which is both functional and reliable. A tight turning circle and great steering take the hassle out of parking, whilst high-quality performance allows you to navigate motorways with ease. When you are looking at the wide range of trucks for sale from a variety of manufacturers, remember that only specialist retailers can provide the very best trucks which are designed for daily use. Don't compromise with a used truck: spend your money wisely and invest in a modern, efficient day cab truck. For a truck that works as hard as you do - all day, every day - look no further.
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