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Analysis six advantages of hammer crusher

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-21

Ring hammer rupture machine is also called hammer crusher, generally used in various industries, from the brick factory alone, breaking the coal gangue, shale, slag, cinders, limestone, building waste and other materials. Which, severe materials humidity impact yield, rainy days can not normally produce enough is also a obscure problem. Launch of the newly constructed Henan hongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. hammer rupture machine to help you deal with this problem.

A two ring up and down the hammer, dual-rotor rupture machine

Ring Hammer rupture machine with each other in series two rotor, material walked machine walks to the heavy hammer to rupture of the feed inlet of the machine, materials destroyed in the crushing cavity inside the material crushed by superior rotor immediately to enter the rapidly reverse the lower rotor of the hammer again, crushing, broken destroy the material of the cavity inside the rapid collision, broken destroy each other, constitute a hammer powder material broken to destroy the results, and then discharged directly from the discharge port, constitute a particle size less than 3 mm the material particles.The particles to be content brick home as the needs of the internal combustion brick-making.

Second, there is no mesh grate the end of the humidity of materials, without infarction

The hammer stone machine has a rupture than large, high efficiency, usability, and other characteristics, and the design of the ring hammer rupture did not mesh grate the end of the material moisture content do not have any requirements, complete absence of the the paste blocking sieve materials, but does not exist can not real-time discharge repeated crushing destroyed, so the high efficiency of crushing destroyed, there was no hammer invalid wear scene.

Third, wear-resistant combination hammer

Ring Hammer rupture machine hammer complete with train wheels forging forging hammer and then disposed of by heat processing to enhance the wear resistance and toughness. Increasingly co-for differences hardness materials abrasion resistance.

Fourth, a common shift transfer gap skills

Hammer Crusher hammer wear and tear without repair, move position can repeatedly use a hammer to the top three hammerhead use.

5, hydraulic power the Kai idea shell

Electric pump operation, Kai open blocked random restraint, for the valve to the oil changes to a hand pump can not pull a serious safe hidden, even more peace of transport users in the use of processes and maintenance process.

, The hammer rupture machine rotor disk in full through the heat disposal, so that the wear life of the rotor disk is greatly progress, changes to the rotor disk before maintenance is difficult, do not wear the serious defects.

The bearing box is full the manufacture of steel castings, each axis box is fixed with four screws. Changes from the previous generation product due to loose screws serious safe hidden danger of formation of the wear of the bearing box. The same equipment is more scientific and more combined.

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