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A Pleasant Prairie stamped concrete patio utilizes

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-13
The Patterns and Designs There is a significant advantage to a patterned Pleasant Prairie stamped concrete patio over traditional natural stone. Stones are quite costly to purchase and install, and require significant upkeep. As an alternative, the numerous available patterns and designs of stamped concrete stencils are extensive. They include: Color Possibilities One of the best benefits of installing a concrete patio is the wide array of available colors. With advancing technology, and chemical techniques, manufacturers have been able to color concrete in nearly any hue imaginable. Many contractors can offer Pleasant Prairie stamped concrete patios in upwards of 250 different shades and hues. The colored concrete can even be used in a variety of combinations. Each 'stone', 'paver' or 'cobblestone' in the poured concrete can be a different color. Additionally, using a variety of finishing techniques can produce different results. A broom finish can add shadows, or swirls. The finished product can be lightly sandblasted to expose a minimum of aggregate below. Many contractors choose to add the color in the truck to incorporate the shades and hues all away through the product, reducing the risk of fading of the surface. Choosing to install a Pleasant Prairie stamped concrete patio instead of laying natural stone is a smart decision. The installation is much simpler, and highly affordable. It offers the durability of actual stone, without the worry of cracked or lost pieces.
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