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Garden is a magical word that brings in peace and health

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-17

The steps are:

1. Creative Stepping Stones - Creating your own personalized stepping stones for your backyard is a great do-it-yourself project the whole family can enjoy. All you need is a few five-gallon buckets to cut into forms, a bag of premixed concrete, and decorations. After the concrete has been poured in the forms and smoothed, personalize each stepping stone by adding color stones, broken pottery, handprints, or other decorations to the wet cement.

2. Garden Path - A stone or brick walkway makes a beautiful addition to your yard, but laying one can take a lot of work. You can now use a form and premixed concrete pour a concrete path that has the look and feel of stone or brick.

3. Plant native flowers, shrubs and trees to give local wildlife the proper sustenance they need to survive. Skip flowers bred strictly for size and color and opt for high-nectar yielding flowers instead.

4. Incorporate birdfeeders into your garden - Not only will they look great, they are an excellent supplemental food source for your feathered friends. And you can keep furry friends at bay with a squirrel-proof feeder.

5. Avoid pesticides - These chemicals are potentially harmful to you and your family, and the same goes for wildlife. Also, by killing garden pests, you will eliminate a primary source of protein for birds in search of nourishment for their migration ahead.

6. Build a fan trellis - A wooden fan trellis is easy to build and makes a great addition to your yard.

7. Install solar lights in garden- Solar Garden Lights are a great way to beautify your garden. These lights are inexpensive to buy and very simple to install. There are no wires, and no need for an electrician. Solar garden lights should be placed in sunny areas and will charge throughout the day. Most solar garden lights will shine throughout the night on a days charge. Your garden will look and feel more alive.

8. Irrigation - To obtain best results from your garden it is very necessary to have a perfect irrigation system. There are various garden centers in Birmingham al that provide irrigation in Birmingham.

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