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You could always find a great variety of cheap

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-16

For instance, if you have traditional garden decor then you should go for terracotta or ceramic planters whereas for contemporary gardens you can have glossy, plastic plant pots! Similarly, if you are potting plants that require more water and moisture then you should opt for plastic planters, for they retain water for a longer period of time. Otherwise, ceramic planters make a perfect choice for plants and trees that need less of moisture, for these pots are porous and let go of excess water easily. However, you can always look for cheap plant pots ideas that may have you save on money while you add charm, interest to your interior (container) or exterior gardens.

It is not necessary to buy pots and urns from online or offline store. You could always turn your dumped tyres, glass/ plastic bottles, and other such items into attractive containers for your plants, trees and flowers! Think of converting your dainty porcelain cups and saucers into small yet interesting containers for potting cacti and your wicker baskets into gorgeous hanging baskets. Fill the cups with soil and pot the little, cute cacti each in a cup; put the cups on saucers and finally the entire arrangement across living room or fencing of your balcony.

Add artificial moss; ivy trails made of injection moulded plastic and silk flowers to your wicker baskets and hang them at entrance doors. In fact, you could use a variety of things like rain boots, mason jars, water troughs, tin cans, pram, yoghurt containers, kettles, old watering cans, cutlery holders and others into cheap plant pots. Thrown away rubber tyres, water jugs, wire spice racks and cake stands, bowls of all shapes and sizes, colanders, oven wares, and even the old kitchen sink can be used as plant pots for potting the variety of plants and bonsai trees. For they can be easily found inside your home or garage you never may have to look forward of buying them from an online store.

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