UNIQUE Group is a professional concrete mixing equipment manufacturers in China.

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shaft concrete mixer price supplier for hard-dry concrete

Company Advantages
1. Choosing a set of well selected concrete equipment company material for concrete equipment manufacturers endows it with better properties. It has been used for the construction of many iconic projects worldwide
2. After many times of QC checking, all delivered concrete mixer price are in high quality. It is proudly manufactured by Unique Group with the scientific and technological innovation accumulated over the past 30 years
3. The product is characterized by hygroscopicity. It is able to absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere without compromising its durability. It suits both engineering companies and equipment rental companies
4. The product does not easily tarnish. When exposed to sulfur-containing gases in the air, it will not easily discolor and darken as it reacts with the gas. It has obtained CE marking and meets EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements
5. This product has the advantages of weather protection, air retention, and mildew resistance. The materials used in it is degumming, and water resistant. All parts and accessories of this product come from renowned suppliers of the engineering industry

Company Features
1. At present, UNIQUE GROUP is in a leading position in the domestic production scale and product quality concrete mixer price .
2. UNIQUE GROUP has skilled mechanical personnel and experienced management personnel.
3. UNIQUE GROUP aims to make the global provider of cement mixer machine . Inquire online!

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

This kind concrete mixer is compulsory twin shafts concrete mixer, which is composed of feeding system, discharging system, water supply system and electrical system and mainly used for concrete batching plant to produce commodity concrete, such as hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, various mortars, etc.

Discharging capacity1000L1500L2000L3000L4000L
Charging capacity1600L2250L3000L4500L6000L
Maximum size of Aggregate (mm)<60/80<40/60<80/100<80/100<80/100
Mixing bladeSpeed of mixing drum32r/min30r/min25r/min22r/min20r/min
Mixing motorModelY180M-4Y180-4Y200L-4Y225S-43Y250M-4
Total Weightkg520058007500920012200
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