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Boom Trucks are heavy weight lifting machines

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-07
Overloading: This is arguably the most important reason responsible for carne truck accidents. Just like any other weight lifting machines, boom trucks too have a certain limitation to the amount of weight they can carry safely. However, the users tend to ignore this fact and to attach more weight than the lifting capacity of the machine. The heavy load in turn causes damage to the structural design of the machine and thereby leads to accident either due to breakdown of the boom or tip over of the boom section. The accidents caused by book trucks can be extremely dangerous and it can cause serious injuries, sometimes it may also lead to fatal consequences. To avoid such situation it is important the users strictly avoid overloading the truck. Lack of knowledge for proper operation of the machine: Owing to the huge size and immense power of the truck crane, it cannot be operated by anybody. For smooth operation of such large weight lifting machines, the operators need to undergo special training and get appropriate certifications and licensing. The trained operators receive extensive training on how to operate the machine safely with maximum efficiency. However, several business do not pay attention to the importance of hiring specialized heavy machine operators; the operators due to lack of sufficient knowledge about the safety and overall functioning of the machine tend to use it roughly, which leads to accidents. Wrong boom position: Proper positioning of the boom and the aerial work platform attached to the lifting machines is vital for safe operations. The operator should be aware of the exact positioning of the boom while lifting weights. As the boom is lifted higher to a perpendicular position from the ground, the stress on the boom increases, if the boom is not lifted carefully, the heavy weight can cause severe damage to the truck and create a mishap. To avoid this problem, it is pivotal that the operator have thorough knowledge about the right position of the boom and the work platform. Improper maintenance of boom truck: This is another important factor leading to the accidents of Boom truck. The truck mounted aerial machines consists of different parts and they need to be maintained properly to function effectively. The parts need to be lubricated frequently and the hydraulic system must be regularly checked for any defect and carry out repair for the parts to function in good condition for long without causing breakdown. Tough Terrain: Typically, the heaving weight lifting tucks fitted with aerial platform are designed to be used only on flat surfaces or at a certain degree of slope. If these trucks are at a terrain that has a steep slope which is beyond the capacity of the machine, there is great risk of accident due to tip over of the vehicle.
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