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The arrival of mobile crushing plant has solved

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-21

Its development and production has completely overcome the drawbacks of the previous immobile ones, and large breakers can move freely. Since our crusher requires high technology, the Institute has invested huge research and development resources in its research and development. While learning advanced technologies, we also tried to make it suitable for any users according to their requirements. It is designed to serve customers with different needs. Its primary solution is to eliminate barriers brought to customers by broken sites, environment, basic complex configuration and complex logistics operations. Basing on the new concept principle of 'Processing the material near resource and destination', we provide customers with simple, efficient, low-cost hardware facilities for project operation.

According to different crushing requirements, this machine can follow screening-after-crushing process or crushing-after-screening process. The crushing plant, with high flexibility, can be combined with either two-section screening system of coarse and fine crushing according to the actual requirements or three-section vibrating screen system of coarse, medium and fine crushing. So it can meet the needs of different customers to the maximum. In accordance with customers' use requirements, this series of equipment manufactured by Hongxing Machinery can be divided into standard type, closed-circuit type, and the multi-combination type the basis for introduction catering to high-end clients' development requirements.

It not only has multiple functions, its high performance characteristics are also an important reason to attract customers. But because of its high cost, many customers hesitate about buying it. It is mainly applied to sand production line and the production of aerated concrete materials. Nowadays, artificial sand has already begun to replace natural sand because it is mainly made of stone which belongs to non-renewable resources. When raw materials exhausted, it needs to be changed to another place, which embodies the advantage of mobile crushing station, thus customers can save a lot of transportation costs.

This equipment can be applied to process concrete, crush construction wastes and build a new countryside. It is particularly suitable for crushing small sites, dealing with construction wastes, and crushing construction wastes and processing foam concrete.

Its application scope: it is widely used for road and bridge construction, urban construction, crushing and screening etc. It's specially used for mobile stone operations such as highway, railway, hydropower engineering etc. As it has a wide crushing scope, users can adopt a variety of configurations according to the type and size of raw materials and different material requirements of finished products. It can also be equipped with highly efficient jaw crusher and the material handling is very fast. It is an essential crushing machine in road and bridge heavy industry, freeway and railway projects.

vibrating screen: http://www.hxjq-crusher.com/40.html

mobile crushing station: http://www.crusher-machine.com/n27.html

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