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Vertical shaft impact crusheing equipment is adopted

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-18

Because of the low wear characteristic, it can be adopted in high-abrasion crushing process and secondary working crushing process. In addition, without pollution to products, this machine can be well adapted to the production of glass, quartz sand and other high-purity material. With the output of 10-500t/h, this sand-making machine can nearly meet any requirements. This crusher must be installed on concrete base or steel structure base, which can endure four times the weight of the whole machine. When it is fixed in the plant, try to adopt concrete base without support, so as to reduce height of the complete machine and save the installing space. While fixed outdoors, higher steel-structure support can be used to raise the crusher so as to help fix up the discharging system.

Adjust the crusher in a horizontal line when installing, the principle axis being vertical to the level. Lifting system, whose capacity is related with crusher's maximum mass, should be installed above the crusher, and lifting space should be left above the crusher. Certain space on one side of crusher is left for overhaul. Before installing, make an inventory according to loading list, check that whether every component is damaged during transportation, and whether parts and spare parts are complete in quantity.

After the crusher being fixed, workers start to do some adjustments to the impact crusher machine. Overall checkup as required and test run are necessary after field installation. Make sure the lubricating pipe is connected reliably and gas up again before trial operation; add 3 # lithium-base grease or molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) grease; make sure that connecting pieces of every part are firm and reliable. Carefully inspect if there are eye winker on impeller. If so, timely clean and remove them. Make sure that electromotor is correctly connected, and voltage is normal.

Before the installment of conveyor belt, firstly inch electromotor, and make its sense the same direction of the structure of sand maker (that means the impeller turn in an anticlockwise direction from material inlet). If they are in opposite direction, the electromotor connection should be adjusted to make its option in the same direction of structure of crusher. And for dual motor drive, principle axis is always on both sides of the motor, which is connected by V belt of the same quantity. The tightening force of the bilateral V belts should be adjusted to the same and straight. After inspect to flawless, no load test and commissioning test are necessary before transfer for production.

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