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by:UNIQUE      2020-07-24
There are certain devices which get used across sectors all over the world because of their scope of usage and features. Pumps are one of such kind of utility devices as they are used for moving diverse kinds of liquids between places or containers or some of the times to extract oil and natural gas from mines. And based on requirements, liquids can either be chemically reactive or hazardous in nature or mixture with very high solid contents or mixture of gas and liquids etc. Hence, while designing this type of devices, emphasis must be given on operator safety or safety of the whole operation. For providing a commercially viable solution, mainly for the industrial and commercial zone, Concrete Pump Stations are used across the world as its outer core is being made of sulphate resistant cement for which the machine becomes strong and able to withstand pressure. Moreover, inner coating made of polyethylene also serves a special purpose and mainly the device consists of a. Holding tank b. Twin or single submersible pump configuration c. Control panel and internal pipework For the construction industry mainly Industrial pumps get used as it is light in weight and durable. Apart from this, they are fit to be used for Domestic and municipal usage pH control or neutralization tank In different stages of waste water treatment process or Stormwater. They are available in various configurations and made of specially made high grade polyethylene which is resistant to corrosive chemicals, acids or liquids having very high pH level. Also, for the purpose of moving hazardous and acidic fluids or chemicals from one place to another, most advanced magnetic drive pumps are used across countries because of their robust design making it fit to be used in toughest environmental conditions.
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