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High-power crusher become mainstream

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-19

The earliest introduction of the crusher is Newell 4000 horsepower crusher, which adopts the semi-wet system, commissioned in 1996 from the current usage, the production capacity of 100 tons / hour, more surplus, often in the material state of the shut-down, higher rates of idle equipment. And one-time capital investment. Based on user requirements, the real beginning of the introduction of key core technologies, hongxing Machine Tool Co., Ltd. started. As they carry out a market research, analysis of domestic and international market situation, to determine suitable for China to achieve both economic models to meet market demand.

In front of the crusher project technical and economic analysis of the expected results, the United Nations with strong ability and qualification of high-voltage high-power motor manufacturers for technology research, succeeded in producing the domestic high-voltage high-power motor and high voltage control electrical system. At the same time, we have also combined domestic vibration of the great strength of the transmission equipment and magnetic separation equipment manufacturers, design and production of the crusher supporting vibrating conveyor and magnetic separation equipment; is particularly worth mentioning is that, hongxing Machine Tool Co., Ltd., relying on their own R & D strength and hydraulic products, technical production advantages, develop a heavy-duty crawler scrap feed conveyor; developed a production line computer monitoring and control system and hydraulic power systems, and focus on the combination of a complete with a high technical level of the first domestic Scrap broken production line.

Make us feel particularly pleased that, with a substantial increase in technology and production capacity of China's metallurgical industry, the high strength and durable crusher hammer and lining, in the country produced by the same plane with U.S. products installed use, its effect comparable to the U.S. product is comparable.Therefore a complete solution to the problem of spare parts source. The same time, because the entire Scrap broken production line technology research breakthroughs and the realization of the localization of the production costs with the user one-time investment significantly reduced, thus making the scrap broken the promotion of the production line applications possible.

At present, Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a strong strength and specializes in crusher developed by the manufacturer of the development of sales and exports. Henan Hongxing has been mining, construction, transport sector, thermal power plants and hydroelectric thousands of sets of equipment and programs, and its high efficiency, high reliability and good overall efficiency, welcomed by users. Our company has successfully designed and manufactured their own crusher, mill and sand making series of products as well as crushing, grinding, sand production line, to meet the metallurgical, mining, chemical industry and customer needs.

With its high quality products such as Jaw crusher supplier, Raymond mill, China cone crusher, Cement plant, Stone crusher, Henan Hongxing mining machinery Co.Ltd has ascended in the front rank of the world in the exporting of mining equipments.

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