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Promotional stress balls to help local pictures

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-13

Think about it ... Good quality promotional pens printed with your logo and details can be many things to say about their business - but if you're a plumber, stress balls, toilet or sink will let them know immediately who you are and what to do.

Promotional stress balls are available in thousands of different forms. Industry themes stress toys are ideal for any building or maintenance trade company. Following are some ideas for the type of work.

Heavy Construction figures

There are many forms, but some of the most popular is the crane, cement truck, bulldozer, excavator and a helmet. Be sure to look at all the heavy construction shapes to get the best form of his business.

DIY Figures

Let's see ... How about a hammer, screwdriver, bricks, wrench, brush, and nut and bolt is just the beginning. Again, there are many. Even if you do not find the form you are looking for, you can always have it made to order. You may be interested to know that the most popular form of 'clean up' the company is a white van.

Carpentry Shape

Of course, before those forms could all use a construction company. There are also many forms of houses and buildings that make people think about home. Shape like a dog, a fireplace, staircase and a sofa were all successful in building the company


How about a light bulb, the shape of which is a lot? You may also be interested in a lot of lightning, or any form of electrical appliances such as stove, TV and batteries.


Look to the toilet and bathtub shapes look. You might also be interested in a dishwasher and a wrench shapes. There are a lot of fun as it sounds.

All promotional stress toys can be manufactured to order. You can choose Pantone colors they are made, and how they are printed. Some people prefer a simple spot color logo printing, where others want full color design printed on all surfaces.

All this is possible. Adding a bit of shares of your business forms, such as special colors, you can create a corporate gift that gets you noticed, and respect for their corporate branding amazing!

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