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Definitely, machines and tools made our lives easier

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-07

Pumps are generally used across sectors as in any sector fluid or liquid of diverse kind is needed to be moved from one place to another or between containers etc. While, in mining sector, it needs to handle abrasive, solid laden fluid but for the chemical sector, it needs to handle chemically reactive, hazardous, flammable type of liquid. Hence, while designing the machine, care must be taken depending upon the type of industry it will get used to ensure operator safety apart from the efficiency of the output and how it can perform if put under tremendous stress and strain. Before that, feasibility study takes place to know about the exact need of the hour and what the other machines are not capable of delivering or achieving. Moreover, in the designing phase, mechanical engineers are being inducted into the task force to articulate their views on this type of device and how the goal can be achieved and followed by testing phase. Then only, they are released into the market taking the help of social media and print media publishing.

robotic shotcrete machines became a necessity in any construction projects and have a number of benefits like vertical and horizontal turntables, sliding turret, brush movement, reversible driver's seat and remote control facility etc. They are also available in diesel and electric version with different accessories.

grout pump is getting used across the globe to blend raw materials and for the base plate grouting in steel framed buildings and filling. It is also capable of mixing raw materials like cement, stone and sand in given ratio for any construction project.

Also having carbon fibre made boom section able to carry huge load, concrete boom trucks mainly get used to carry concrete slab to multi-storeyed building.

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