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Portland cement (often referred to as OPC, from

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-16

Portland cement clinker is a hydraulic material which shall consist of at least two-thirds by mass of calcium silicates (3 CaOSiO2 and 2 CaOSiO2), the remainder consisting of aluminium- and iron-containing clinker phases and other compounds. The ratio of CaO to SiO2 shall not be less than 2.0. The magnesium oxide content (MgO) shall not exceed 5.0% by mass.

(The last two requirements were already set out in the German Standard, which was issued in 1909)

ASTM C 150 defines Portland cement as 'hydraulic cement (cement that not only hardens by reacting with water but also forms a water-resistant product) produced by pulverizing clinkers consisting essentially of hydraulic calcium silicates, usually containing one or more of the forms of calcium sulfate as an inter ground addition.' Clinkers are nodules (diameters, 0.2-1.0 inch [5-25 mm]) of a sintered material that is produced when a raw mixture of predetermined composition is heated to high temperature. The low cost and widespread availability of the limestone, shales, and other naturally occurring materials make portland cement one of the lowest-cost materials widely used over the last century throughout the world. Concrete becomes one of the most versatile construction materials available in the world.

Cement kiln is used for making of cement clinker and there are dry and wet methods to make cement. Metallurgy chemical kiln is used in metallurgy industry and ironworks for lean iron ore, chromium ore and ferronickel ore calcimine. Rotary kiln is used for calcimine of high aluminum vandal ochre in refractory material industry; for calcimine of calotte and aluminum hydroxide in aluminum manufacturer; for claiming of chrome sand ore and chrome powder ore in chemical plant.

Lime kiln is used for baking active lime and dolomite in the steel factory and ferroalloy factory.

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