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RC monster trucks are loved not just by kids but

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-11
Cleaning the body: The body is where most of the scratches and dents will appear after just a few harsh races. To make sure your RC monster truck looks just like new, you must get rid of all mud, dirt and dust that accumulates on the body panels. Cleaning the body of a RC car isn't difficult at all, while most dust and dirt particles will go away with a damp cloth, bigger chunks of dirt and grease might require a sponge soaked in a cleaning solution. Once cleaned, the body can be dried by simply wiping it with a dry cloth. Cleaning the chassis: Cleaning the body of the RC Monster Trucks is relatively easy, but cleaning the chassis is the difficult and the most time consuming part. While you can brush clean the chassis or even use water and mild soap for the job, you can achieve the best possible results by cleaning the chassis of your RC monster truck with an air compressor. This way you'll be assured that you get rid of almost every dirt particle, without destroying the electronic parts or the gear box of the vehicle. You can also make use of some special cleaners available on the market for the cleaning process. Cleaning the engine: The engine is the heart of any vehicle, be it what you drive in to the office, or what you race with your mates. Electric RC monster trucks are powered by electric motors, which just like the body and the chassis are prone to dust and mud. While you can't actually disassemble a motor for thorough cleaning, you simply can spray some motor spray onto it and then let it dry. Once the motor is all dried, simply oil the ball bearings and the brushes so that dust and water drops cannot make it to the inside of the motor. Maintaining tires: Worn out tires won't only make your RC monster truck look ugly, but will also deteriorate its performance and consume more energy from the onboard battery pack. Make sure you change the tires of your RC monster truck regularly and buy tires according to the surface on which you're planning to race. While some tires are made to run on soft clay-like surfaces, there is a wide collection of tires that can be used to race on asphalt or concrete. Moreover, always clean the tires with cotton buds and rubber cleaners apart from making sure that they are tightly glued or fixed to the rim so that water and dust particles cannot get into the inside of the tires. Cleaning the transmitter: The transmitter supplied along with the RC monster truck is the only way you can control it. So make sure that the transmitter is free from dust particles, by cleaning it regularly with a damp cotton cloth. Moreover, make sure that if you're not planning to use your RC monster truck for a long period of time, then do remove the batteries from the transmitter and keep them in a separate place, so that they don't leak inside the transmitter and destroy its electrical contacts.
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