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The general public are not really too concerned

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-08
Wheel guides are normally situated in front of the loading bay and are always in place to help to increase safety and efficiency during the loading and unloading process when it comes to lorries and trucks reversing in and to also improve the lifespan of dock shelters considerably. Without the wheel guides in place it is easy for the trailer to move off of the perfect 'docking line' which can mean that the driver has to pull forward and start the whole process again or could possibly miss the loading bay and cause an accident. Large tubular steel wheel guides are designed to direct reversing traffic safely and quickly on to loading bays, with the colours normally being a choice of bright yellow painted or galvanised finish so that they can be clearly seen by the driver. The wheel guides are a strong visual aid to drivers as the driver reverses into the loading bay, with the sturdy all steel construction allowing for the wheels of even a fully loaded triple axle maximum weight trailer to ride up the wheel guide giving the driver a strong signal to stop and drive forward to reposition the truck correctly. Wheel guides are usually placed 2 metres from the loading bay and 2.6 metres apart and are available with 168mm or 140mm diameter tube, which There are normally two fixing option to locate the wheel guides. The first and usually most preferred option is fit the bolt down version, simply bolting down the guides using base plates located at each end of the guide. Each base plate has four corner holes so bolts can be drilled into the concrete deck, which therefore makes the product very secure and needing little maintenance. The second option is to have the foundation version, with this version of the wheel guide often being able to be cast in as the concrete deck. The wheel guide is located into the drilled hole and secured in place. Wheel guides are a vital part of the whole loading bay process, because without them it can be difficult for the lorry and trailer to correctly line up with the loading bay. If the lorry and trailer is slightly out in terms of left or right position, it can cause damage to the loading bay which of course can cost a lot of money to get repaired, as you would need to use a specialist company to make these repairs successfully.
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