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The high degree of automation of stone production

by:UNIQUE      2020-05-07
Equipment maintenance is simple, the vulnerability of color with the latest high strength wear-resistant materials, low loss, long life, can bring considerable economic benefits for our customers. Stone crushing production line, and successfully applied to the processing of limestone, basalt, granite, pebbles and other rock breaking, broken quality of the finished product fully meet GB14685-2001 standard, the higher road, rail, water, concrete mixing plant industry provides a qualified bone materials. Stone production line (sand and gravel production line) equipment, special equipment for the production of construction sand and stone, stone equipment, including Jaw Crusher , stone crusher, impact crusher, Impact Crusher , vibrating feeder, vibrating screen , sand washing machine, belt conveyor. I plant has a reliable, reasonable design, convenient operation, high efficiency. Stone production line process is roughly as follows: (silo) ---- Feeder ---- jaw crusher ---- Crusher ---- shaker ---- (into a finished product). Machine which can be used conveyor phase. Stone production line process introduced First of all, the stone by the feeder evenly sent to the coarse crusher preliminary crushing, and then the production cost of crude material by belt conveyor conveyor to the crusher for further crushing, crushing stone into the shaker screening out different the specifications of the stone, does not meet the size requirements of stone material back into the crusher broken again. Stone production line performance introduced High degree of automation of stone production line, particle size adjustable nesting high, broken, energy saving, large output, stones produce uniform particle size, grain shape is good and suitable for the construction of roads and bridges, and other medium and small projects In order to achieve the purpose of calcium carbide crushing, twobroken jaw and crushing in the third level of the process configuration, Crusher uses a heavy duty horizontal designcompany for calcium carbide and efficient crushing machine.Calcium carbide broken, we must solve over iron to 'seal','crushing' These issues, and makes crushing equipment repair and maintenance quick and easy. In a group of two 400,000 tons, we use a coarse brokensecondary crushing and fine broken three crushing process.Broken in the third grade used for calcium carbide design of thePX Series heavy-duty horizontal and efficient fine crusher, practice has proved its crushing capacity than the hammer to break the(vertical shaft hammer crusher) excellent. This is due to hit thebroken PX Series heavy-duty horizontal and efficient crushingmachine can not only provide a large area, but also to achievenearly vertical crushing counter-attack, but also has a mill crushingof the bottom of the sieve. The formation of a powerful crushing capacity to a wide range of fragmentation patterns, making thereturn feed rate greatly reduced crushing extent that a higher level. Production of 100-150 tons of stone crushing production line equipment configuration: 1,380 * 95-type feeder 2,600 * 900 type jaw crusher 3,1214-type crusher 4,1854-type shaker The actual device configuration according to the customers the scale of production and raw materials, as the case may be.
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