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The main ingredient of concrete is cement, aggregate

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-21

Know the process of cement formation in brief

Limestone and clay forms the main ingredient of cement. Then they are mixed with iron ore and quartz sand, grounded finely and finally dried at 1450 degree Celsius. On melting, round particles are formed known as cement clinker. The clinker is ground with anhydrite or gypsum to form the cement.

Concrete super plasticizer and its molecule

Glenium is one such super plasticizer based on polycarboxylate ether. The main chain of PCE molecule is a negatively charged long one and it also has short side chains. When this is mixed, the concrete becomes more fluid and can gain different properties.

FRP pipes in high demand

Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastic is a modern day invention. You would be surprised to hear the thermal performance of FRP. It can withstand heavy amount of heat prior to its decomposition. Cooling towers in power plant is one area where FRP can thrive well globally and in the U.S. According to the National energy Technology in the U.S, all thermoelectric power plants require cooling. Cooling towers are basically made of wood but now structural elements in cooling towers like fans, weirs, pipes, panels and stacks are made of fiberglass. The life of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is longer than wood.

Research and studies

FRP pipe India systems is very effective in preventing corrosion in water systems and high-pressure gas systems which includes wells producing oil and gas, CO2 injected walls, chemical disposal wells, brine water and transportation pipelines. Here are the few advantages of FRP pipes:

FRP is gradually ruling the corrosion control market for various industrial processes, mainly metal and concrete. It is highly preferred in acidic environment as metals are generally corroded when placed in an acidic zone. Compared to metals they have more abrasion resistance capability.

FRP canoe-the latest invention

Can you imagine the power of engineering and technology? The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, India has completed the construction of FRP coated canoe for the use in marine fishing. Just two coats of the reinforced plastic on the outer sides were sufficient to gain success!<

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