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by:UNIQUE      2020-07-21
For any construction sector, concrete is the most essential material be it for bridge or high rises etc. For this regard, these days, most advanced machines are being manufactured with very light in weight, high strength, boom section made of carbon fibre which can carry the load much more than the other same type of machines. Moreover, these types of machines saves human labour and most precious thing of all for any project, time. Moreover, these types of machines are having inbuilt outriggers which prefers to offer it more gravity and hence, it is all the more easy to move concrete over longer distance. These machines are having tension free frame apart from art of the state boom control facility, electronic stability levelling system, and concrete flow regulator among other facilities. Moreover, the whole solution comes at a very low price and have nearly lesser maintenance cost as compared to other traditional devices. Hence, for these attractive features, the most advanced concrete boom pumps are used across continents all over the world. For the same industry, homogeneous mixture of cement, sand and gravel is necessary in order to form concrete. Now for this purpose, most advanced machines generally use a revolving self-loading drum to mix these materials coming in different sizes. For this purpose concrete mortar mixer is used globally. For the underground mining, for paste backfill applications, heavy duty, art of the state, paste pumps are used.
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