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The cement ball mills on a cement plant are usually

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-21

The ball mills are sized to cope with peaks in market demand for cement. In temperate countries, the summer demand for cement is usually much higher than that in winter. Excess clinker produced in winter goes into storage in readiness for summer demand peaks. For this reason, plants with highly seasonal demand usually have very large clinker stores.

Cement ball mill is the largest user of electric power on a cement plant, and because they can easily be started and stopped, it often pays to operate cement ball mills only during 'off-peak' periods when cheaper power is available. This is also favorable for electricity producers, who can negotiate power prices with major users in order to balance their generating capacity over 24 hours. More sophisticated arrangements such as 'power shedding' are often employed. This consists of the cement manufacturer shutting down the plant at short notice when the power supplier expects a critical demand peak, in return for favorable prices. Clearly, plenty of excess cement milling capacity is needed in order to 'catch up' after such interruptions.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to designing and producing ball mills. The cement mill of our company, also called raw material mill series. It is mainly used to grind the clinker and raw materials in cement industry, and also can be applied in metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other industries to grind all kinds of ores. Cement ball mill is not only suitable for over-flow grinding, but also applicable for cyclic close-flow grinding together with powder collector. It has the features of reasonable structure, fine processing, high output, low energy consumption, and convenient running.

Our company owns an experienced and skilled sales and service team which compose a perfect service network. We will send the professional engineers to the installation sites and provide guidance for the installation, commissioning and initial run as well as planning administration of the equipments after purchase.

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