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by:UNIQUE      2020-10-21

What are its advantages and characteristics?

1. It consists of shell, safe guard, principal axis, rotating hammer, hammers, discharge hole, base plate, flying wheel, motor and so on. Simple structure, high efficiency, flexible movement, safe and reliable, easy maintenance are all the characteristics of this type of crusher.

2. After raw material is delivered into the machine through the hopper, it is crushed by the high-speed rotating hammers. And then the product discharge from the hole.

From the perspective of the end user, mobile plant can be even more useful than static equipment in certain mining roles. It is more suitable for surface based, opencast coal mining for example, where multiple types of crusher can be used to deal with the several layers of material, from the rock layers, gravel and cement, as well as Jurassic strata, middle sandstone, and fine sandstone. Adaptability and multiple layouts are essential to efficiency for this kind of operation, something that mobile crushing station offers in abundance.

Whilst static crusher is designed purely for a single purpose, mobile versions, whilst being cheaper, can also be fitted for specific tasks and improved with safety features for each application. For example, cone crusher has been used for decades, but like jaw crusher its design has been largely unchanged. Reliability, a concern shared by all construction and mining companies, was the major issue. Foreign objects, especially steel, can prove fatal to cone crusher, in most cases rending them useless. The introduction of hydraulics led to important improvements in reliability, in the form of mechanisms that protected the crushers from foreign objects causing costly damage.

Screening has come a long way from prospectors sifting pans of dirt for gold in the Old West, and mobile screening plant features the latest innovations in circle-throwing, high frequency vibrating and gyratory mechanical screening that you would find in static equipment, all integrated into portable machines that can be customized to suit all manner of applications.

It can be applied in all kinds of construction site. It can crush many kinds of hard sand ash without earth, such as waste bricks, stone pieces, and other sand residue and so on. The crushed powder can replace sand to do brickwork, face the wall, hit the ground and do other kind of work. Advantages: economize on sand, reduce delivery of sand, decrease manpower and material sources, and lessen building costs. Besides, with movable hammer crusher, the construction site can be kept clean. This, along with obstacle-removing features and multiple configurations to suit every purpose, make mobile crushing and screening plant more adaptable, reliable and cost-effective than their static counterparts.

It also can break the coal gangue into pieces. The crushed coal gangue powder can be used to mix into high quality coal powder in proportion. And then, the mixture can be applied to burn boiler, or put kinds of briquettes out. In a world where larger investments are not as easy to make as they used to be, getting the most out of heavy equipment has become a chief concern, and more and more companies are turning to mobile equipment that can get the job done faster, better and cheaper than ever before. So, it is the best crusher that can construct without disorder, decrease consumption and increase economic efficiency.

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