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Pool demolition like building a pool is a hectic

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-07

First thing that matters is what is your pool made up of. If the pool is made up of fiberglass or the polyvinylchloride, pumping out of the pool will not be very hard. Even a small scale contractor can do you this service. However it is lined by concrete than you may need a company that has powerful equipment to help you in this regard. Also you will need to check how thick the concrete lining of the pool is. Many of the pools are lined by an eight inch thick concrete, a thickness that can easily be broken by simple equipment. But if the pool is lined by concrete that is upto two feet high powerful heavy demolition equipment is needed.

The process of demolition begins with the site preparation. All the fences, shrubs and plants in the area are removed completely to allow the process of demolition to begin. If the gate of the building or the house is too small to allow the truck or bulldozer to enter than a part of the wall is also removed. Then all the concrete lining is removed. When all the concrete and the drainage system has been completely removed than it is loaded into Bobcat tractors and dump trucks and carries to the waste treatment and recycling plants. It is necessary to check that all the material is disposed off in an environmental friendly manner.

The pool hole is than filled with the concrete or the sand. Some people would like the hole to get the whole filled the fresh dig soil. This procedure is known as the pool filling. The land over the pool is then compacted and leveled. Sometimes you need additional labor and masonry services to get the ground leveled. The leveled ground may then be soiled, raked and sown to form a beautiful lawn. People, who are not desirous of a lawn, may get the land paved and use it for construction or as a patio.

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