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Retaining walls have typically been used for practical

by:UNIQUE      2020-05-03
Plant Retaining Walls The green revolution has been a key influence in the rise of 'plant retaining walls'. We have seen resurgence in the number of people looking to feel closer to nature and incorporate more natural aspects into their home, especially for those who live close to the city. As people are feeling the call of nature they are taking it upon themselves to immerse themselves in natural surroundings and so we have seen an increased demand for retaining walls that incorporate plants. A living featured wall or plant wall is a wall that has spaces so you are able to add plants. They are constructed by using retaining wall blocks which are usually empty and hollow so you are able to add soil, followed by your desired plant. Plant Retaining Walls have been growing in popularity because they enable homeowners to become closer to nature without leaving their own home. They also create subtle, soft surroundings. A relaxed natural ambience for those who lack ample garden space to feel connected to nature, especially those city folk who crave the healing energy of Mother Nature. Plant featured walls are very adaptable and are available in a range of colours, so you are able to choose blocks to complement your home design, style and current colour scheme. Concrete Segmental Block Retaining Walls The use of concrete segmental blocks is one of the most common retaining wall trends. The way they hold and lock together does not require the use of mortar. Concrete Segmental Block retaining walls can be used to create driveways, verandas and patios/decks as they have the ability to create straight or curved lines. They are both functional and striking. Adaptable in nature they are available in a number of colours to specifically match your home and the look you are going for. Another trend of late which can be seen to emulate that of using large format pavers is the use of large faces, known as large format blocks to build concrete segmental block retaining walls. Natural Stone Retaining Walls Natural stone retaining walls have been around for eons, there is nothing new about this type of featured wall. However, we are seeing an increased demand, a real revival and trend towards using natural stone retaining walls, specifically within the residential market. You might ask Why? If this style of wall has been around for thousands of years why would it be revived now? Home owners are interested in the traditional and classic style of home. We have seen a real resurgence and desire to be more connected to nature, tradition and family values, and this shift in values has influenced the design and layout of homes. As home owners begin to value classic and traditional design elements, natural stone retaining walls have been enjoying a real revival. Their elegant, traditional and timeless look often outweighs their cost (they are usually more expensive than other types of retaining walls). Generally, natural stone retaining walls come in two different types, dry stacked or mortar based. You have the flexibility to choose what styles and tones of stone you would like to use in order to create your own unique look, one that complements your home environment. The durability of stone retaining walls is second to none. If your stone wall is built by a professional, it will last for many lifetimes.
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