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The new LCD panel factory covers an area of 570

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-05

Yesterday, Samsung-generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display in the Park held a groundbreaking ceremony for the project. Party Secretary Luo Zhijun, director of Provincial People's Congress, Provincial Governor Li Xueyong, the National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Xiaoqiang, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Chao, Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Jiang Hongkun, Vice Governor Zhang Weiguo, vice Party secretary, Mayor Yan Li, attended the opening ceremony. South Korean Ambassador Lee Kyu-hyung, South Korea, An Zongji Consul General in Shanghai attended the ceremony. Celebration ceremony, Luo Zhijun, Li Xueyong, Jiang Hongkun, Yan Li, respectively, met with the ambassadors of South Korea Lee Kyu-hyung guests.

April 21 this year, Samsung Electronics and state-controlled companies park, TCL Group signed a contract to jointly set up in Suzhou LCD Co., Ltd. Samsung Electronics. Samsung-generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display project is Samsung Electronics Suzhou LCD Co., Ltd. in the construction of the park's LCD panel factory. It is understood that the project is the first foreign investment in the project holding the LCD panel, the first phase investment of 3.0 billion U.S. dollars, the park is also the largest single investment so far. The new LCD panel factory covers an area of 570,000 square meters, construction area of 360,000 square meters, planned for completion in August 2012. Put into operation a month to reach 100,000 glass substrates scale of production. At present, the park has built a China LCD module plant material and accessories chain, yesterday started the LCD panel factory, which means the first to build the industry in Suzhou High-generation panel stop production system. It is understood that in recent years, China's rapid growth in LCD flat-panel TV production. In 2010, LCD flat-panel TV output reached 89 million units, but the Chinese large-size LCD panel TV required basic dependence on imports, restricted the industry's healthy development of China's color TV. In early 2010, the National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in accordance with 'adhere to independent innovation and the combination of openness and cooperation' principle, for the next few years the development of China's LCD flat panel display industry layout and planning of key projects carried out in-depth study, Suzhou Samsung High-generation LCD panel project is part of the newly approved state-related projects.

Park is between the two governments of China and Singapore, an important cooperation project, development and construction of seventeen years, the park has maintained sustained, rapid and healthy development momentum, the main economic indicators rose by more than 30% annually and become an important economic and social development of Suzhou growth pole, overall strength for several years ranked second in economic and technological development zones. In recent years, the park take the lead in implementation of the transformation and upgrading strategy, and vigorously promote the advantages of high-end base of industrial development in the flat panel display industry has formed a complete industrial chain and a good industrial base, established a unique industry position. Samsung-generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display projects under construction, is to upgrade the Suzhou Industrial Park into the secondary stage of the emergence of new entrepreneurship major industry highlights the project, will greatly promote the regional economic development, promoting the overall level of China's flat panel display industry upgrading.

Li Xueyong expressed warm congratulations on the project started. He said the high generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display project is the holding of foreign investment in major projects of graphic lcd module production, the project will between Chinese and foreign enterprises with powerful combination of technologies to achieve first-class foreign and domestic organic combination of innovation. Project not only demonstrates the Suzhou Industrial Park to speed up transformation and upgrading, to join the second venture of the confidence and determination, but also change the mode of promoting economic development in our province to speed up building of innovative province, are of great significance. Li Xueyong requirements of Jiangsu Province and Suzhou City, It is always concerned about the progress of the project, providing quality and efficient services for the project to create favorable conditions for further advancing the hope that through joint efforts, this project will build the first-class production base of high-generation line play good economic and social benefits.

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