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The new wireless remote controllers manufactured

by:UNIQUE      2020-05-15
The new generation industrial radio remote control systems take radio remote control safety to the next level. One of the main features of these equipments is that they are included with the optional RFID tag reader that prevents unauthorized deliveries, ensures the right product goes into the right tank, and provides a means to track tank assets on a continuing automatic basis. This ensures the safety of the gigantic machines. Apart from that these new generation wireless controllers are also equipped with many modern innovation as well as function. Some of them are as following: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum is a unique feature that these modern wireless systems contain. This system is developed for the applications that require interference free, fail safe machine control. These devices can control up to twelve wireless commands. The handheld operators and machine mounted transceiver, equipped with frequency hopping technology, can continuously communicate in order to ensure signal validity as well as strength. Frequency hopping technology is also used for interference free control. In case of any small signal loss, the system can shut down all the active functions and can automatically shut down the machine. Wireless remote controllers equipped with this technology is largely used in applications such as latched pumping operations, high-pressure 'jetter' operations, concrete construction equipment, mobile crane operations, or any other application where maintained operator control is critical. Heavy Current Load: The remote controllers equipped with this feature is mainly developed for truck OEM's operations that require up to twelve high-current channels of mixed high and low outputs. One of the main features of this kind of systems is their external antenna. The external antenna connection can increase the range of the wireless devices up to 2000 ft. The common uses of these devices include Ready-Mix Truck, Concrete Pump, and Volumetric Mixer machines or any other application where maintained operator control and job site mobility is critical. All of these modern Heavy Current Load wireless remotes incorporate a secure frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum radio link that largely reduces outside electrical or RF interference. Fixed Frequency: These industrial radio remote control systems are ideal for the industrial applications that require up to 1000ftsignal from handheld to receiver unit. These devices are also safe for using in hazardous environment. Installation of these systems is very easy as wire harness and drawings specific to customer's application is supplied with each system. The transmitter and the receiver unit can always eliminate accidental operation as they can operate on 56 bit digital code. Today, as the use of these industrial remotes is increasing regularly, you can find a hundreds of manufacturers that design these devices. They provide excellent warranty offer and other necessary accessories with each of their products.
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