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by:UNIQUE      2020-07-20
These days, for the mining sector, high pressure dewatering pumps are the most widely used solution for slurries. Coming with host of equipment, accessories and controls, they mainly consist of hydraulically operated double piston pump, triplex piston and plungers. As, they are used in tough mining conditions, these devices are needed to move chemically abrasive, reactive, flammable and combustible liquid at extreme pressures. For the mixing and movement of concrete at the place where it is needed, concrete mixer pump is the most ideal solution. It generally comes with different sizes and configurations in both electrical and diesel version and consisting of piston or diaphragm or gear type of such device. Moreover, they consist of mixers and compressors for the specific purpose of blending of raw materials and spraying application respectively. They are mainly being used to mix different materials such as sand, stone and cement in given ratio. This device mainly gets used in machinery beds, balustrades, crane rails, bridge bearing pads, steel framed building and dowel bars. Some variation of grout is essential for applications resisting dynamic loading, corrosion and vibration due to chemical attack and harsh weather. Also, shotcrete machine is one of the best offered solutions in the field of construction industry. Ensuring operator safety, this technically advanced machine is having turntables (both vertical as well as horizontal) which provide the turret unique control and maneuverability. Moreover, the brush movement nozzle dispensing design enables the machine to consistently spray and distribute the material over the designated area. In addition, the driver seat can be reversed in both directions enabling the drive in, drive out facility. The outstanding working length of the main turret allows the device to work parallel to a wall. Better access tothe low spray areas and radio remote controlling facility makes it the ideal choice for the designated sector. Moreover, it provides bigger carrying capacity, inbuilt compressor and most importantly, the enhanced quality of product. Also, they areavailable in both electrical and diesel version.
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