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The age old traditional and cultural heritage

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-06


Most of the restaurants in India would have vegetable cutlets or vegetable patties in their menu. It is one of the most popular appetizers. The Indian cutlet dish is made of a stuffing that includes potatoes, peas and a range of spices rolled into dough and deep fried. It is typically a north Indian food but it is loved by all. It is generally the most preferred evening snack dish for a large number of people across the country. The dish is usually served with a dollop of freshly made sweet, sour chutney. Some of the other popular appetizers served at Indian restaurants include potato cutlets and a crunchy snack dish made of puffed rice, onions, potatoes and tamarind sauce.


This food item is a staple diet in different states across India. Dal is essentially lentils cooked with different spices and it is best enjoyed rice or flat breads. You would find different varieties of dal in all the restaurants in India that serve vegetarian food.

Vegetable curries:

Indian curries are popular all over the world. Since a large variety of vegetables are grown here, they are used in all kinds of curries. The Indian restaurants serve a wide assortment of vegetable dishes. Some of the popular vegetables used are tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, okra, egg plant and peas. The vegetables are cooked with lot of spices and masala to make curries and dry vegetable dishes. If you are intrigued about trying an Indian vegetable dish, you can order a dish made of a mix of cheese and vegetable balls that is served with spiced curry of cashew or almonds. If you are health conscious you can order vegetable dishes cooked in Indian clay oven.

Popular food items at Indian restaurants

Cottage cheese:

This is another popular Indian food item. The cottage cheese is used in a variety of dishes. Some of the most popular cottage cheese dishes you can try at vegetarian restaurants are Cottage cheese cooked with spinach or cottage cheese curry cooked with green peas.

Rice and Flat-breads:

Indian food would seem incomplete without flat breads and rice. Rice is a staple diet of India and it cooked a number of ways. Usually, rice is eaten with dal or curry but there are other rice dishes, which can be a can be a full meal itself. Rice dish cooked in a slew of aromatic herbs is typically a north Indian dish but it is popular all over the country. Indian breads are also of different types. The most popular type of bread is the one that is cooked in clay oven. Another popular bread type is the one that vegetable stuffing in it, it can also be plain and is eaten with curry. Thus, Indian restaurants serve a large variety of food items, once you taste it you definitely would ask for more.

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