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Rubber wheel chocks to safety are just as important

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-16
Various Terrains for Using Wheel Chocks It may be assumed that chocks will only be necessary when parked on an incline, and while this is a good reason to use rubber chocks, it does not mean that the vehicle or trailer will not roll. Even a slight incline of three degrees can initiate a move by something on wheels, especially if it is a landscaping trailer with no transmission or parking brake to stop it. Rocky terrains, grassy areas - both dry and green, even asphalt and concrete are places where you can use rubber chocks. In addition, rain or sprinklers making the road wet or muddy, and ice and snow will change the territory. The good news is that rubber chocks often have accessories available for sale including metal grates that can be attached to the bottom for rocky or icy conditions. These products are easily clamped on and will form a tougher grip on the ground. Size and Shape A rubber wheel chock can come in several sizes and shapes that make it easy to carry and more durable. Some of the chocks are solid rubber, weigh about 10 pounds, and can be positioned against either side of the chock, on the front or back of the tire. These can be used with heavier loads and on more of an incline. Other chocks are void on the bottom, or hollow, so that they are lighter weight for smaller fleet trucks without much of a load. This is the type of rubber wheel chock that can have the metal grates attached to it. The chocks are shaped like a pyramid, with ridges along the side for good gripping power, or maybe with the top of the triangle chopped off, looking a lot like a parking stop. With safety as the goal of using rubber wheel chocks in the landscaping business, make sure that employees have chocks on their vehicles, and that those employees have been trained in how to use them.
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