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There are three main units of universal testing

by:UNIQUE      2020-04-25
a) Loading Frame b) Hydraulic Pumping System c) Electronic Control Panel The Loading Frame consists of a central cross head and a lower table. Center cross head is adjustable for clearance by means of a geared motor. Compression Test is carried out between the central cross head and the lower table whereas tension test is carried out between center and upper cross heads. The units have six pillars for better stability. Sensing of load is through a strain gauge based transducer, while the movement of the lower table is measured by rotary encoder. Hydraulic Pumping System consists of multi plunger pump powered by a suitable motor. Maximum circuit pressure is around 210 bar. This pump gives a continuous no pulsating oil flow to the ram of the loading frame. Pressure Switch is provided for Core Cutting Machine, diesel engine powered has been designed specifically for the purpose of cutting core samples from Asphalt, concrete & reinforced structure of roads, airport runways, bridges etc. The Machine comprises of two vertical support columns which carry the drill head/ engine assembly accurately with the help of screwed spindles. The Machine will be supplied with water tank for coolant to the cutting bit. The core-cutting machine is portable & has towing arrangement with pneumatic wheels for easy movement. Additional safety against over load. Release valve and load control valve is placed at a convenient position for easy operation by the operator. It also has electrical Control Panel for the movement of the cross-head and also for the main pump. Additional switch is provided for fast lift of the ram for initial filling of the gap. Operation of the machine is by hydraulic transmission of load from the test specimen to a separately housed load indicator. The system is ideal since it replaces transmission of load through levers and knife edges, which are prone to wear and damage due to shock on rupture of test pieces. Digital display system is totally microprocessor based. It has RS232 for communication with the computer. The system is supported by window based software. On Line graph of load vs displacement is displayed on the monitor. Analogue readings as well as graphical representation are stored in the file which can be retrieved on demand
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