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This plant for the Abyek Cement Company is just

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-17

Both components are fed by dump truck into separate hoppers of 400 m3 and 250 m3 capacity respectively for the marl and limestone. The raw material is extracted from the hoppers by apron feeders fitted with caterpillar chains. After the limestone has been fed onto the marl apron conveyor, scalping of the fines minus 80 mm is effected by SBM roller grate (wobbler). In this way, sticky material fines by-pass the impact crusher, increasing the operating safety and at the same time reducing the necessary design size of the crusher and the wear rate thereof. The composition of the marl/limestone mixture is measured online downstream of the impact crusher. On the basis of the measuring results, the speed of the two electric motor-driven apron conveyors is controlled so that the mixture is always in accordance with the requirements. The crushing of the two components together in the Impact crusher results in an intensive mixing process which relieves the downstream mixing bed.

The main plant component is the hydraulically controlled impact crusher, which has a rotor width of 2,500 mm and a diameter of 2,500 mm and is the second-largest Impact crusher available. It has an installed power rating of 2,200 kW. Integrated into the hydraulic cylinders of the crusher is a gap measuring system which allows the gap settings to be adjusted continually via the plant control. Servicing and adjustment is effected by push- button, so that the operation does not need to be interrupted, guaranteeing a correspondingly high degree of availability.

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