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Due to the advancement of technological tools

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-13
In any mining or tunneling project there are certain processes that have to be carried out by the engineers and workers alike. The major processes in these projects are mainly drilling and blasting along with procedure like spraying of concrete, which is commonly known as shotcreting for which Concrete Trailer Pumps come in handy. The entire process can be segregated in three main categories - firstly, drilling and blasting; secondly, loading and hauling and finally carrying out the dugout rubbles. The last stage though optional, shotcreting is widely put into use for temporary support. The method of shotcreting is hugely popular and it is used in almost every mining and tunneling projects. It is just spraying an even layer of concrete mixture right on the surface of the dugout cavity. It is also a kind of safety precaution for the well-being of the workers. Mostly the concrete lining so used is treated as a temporary support but it can be a final lining if additional concrete layer is casted on the surface of the cavity. Since, manual spraying of the concrete layer was becoming hectic and time consuming, advanced machines like Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pumps were introduced. Paste backfill pumps and shotcreting machines also joined the bandwagon for additional support. These machines are highly advanced and are only operated by technically skilled personnel for applying shotcrete layers. However, the casting material for shotcrete might vary depending upon the surface of the dugout cavity. The material of the shotcrete varies from time to time depending on the specific type of lining that is required for each mining or tunneling project. It has always been a difficult task for workers and engineers to transfer materials in a tunnel from one point to another and maneuvering the same throughout the entire stretch of the tunnel. This has become relatively easier because of the shotcreting and sprayed render machines. Both technically and economically the use of these machines has been viable and guarantees a minimum thickness in terms of concrete lining throughout the entire stretch. Drilling, blasting and shotcreting all tag along the entire procedure ensuring the project to get completed in time with minimal wastage of resources. The entire process is carried out smoothly, thanks to these great machines making the work look easy. But, it has to be carried out by technical personnel only.
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