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by:UNIQUE      2020-04-26
For construction projects, concrete mixtures are needed to be moved to different levels and different floors. Also, some of the times the mixture is needed at high volume. For this purpose, mounted pumps are being used across all the continents around the globe as it is having boom or remote controlled robotic arm to place concrete to exact place with bull's eye precision. Also, the machine can pump at a higher volume saving both human effort and money. Now-a-days, these booms are manufactured from less weight, high strength carbon fibers enabling the machine to carry more loads. In addition, it comes with electronic pumping system for the purpose of reduction in usage of noise, shock and energy usage. As we know, for different variety of construction materials and sites, complete different set of devices are required. Moreover, for the case of mud dredging, viscous or thick silt or mud is needed to be displaced or dredged which totally different in nature from all the other type of fluids or liquids. To cater the specific need, dredge pumps are widely used across globe which generally lessen the amount of water from the silt or mud and in the process, make it little bit dry. In addition, it can move thicker type of slurry and produce high pressure enabling the drier silt or mud to be pumped to a greater distance. Also, its maintenance cost is comparatively lesser and can be mounted off a crane or a barge. Moreover, an excavator arm can be fitted against it to suit the specified need and available in both electric and diesel version. concrete mortar mixers are popular in all over the globe since they can be used even in toughest environment to supply concrete.For construction sites which include building, bridge, road etc. or any remote site, concrete is needed at large volume at places where normal road mixers cannot reach. They are available in drum slewing version and different sizes (ranging from 1.1 cu. m to 5.5 cu. m) and can handle 4 batches per hour to generate concrete at high volume. These functionalities definitely this high end device from other similar devices.
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