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Limestone world prices higher is a foregone conclusion

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-18

Limestone processing, engineering is an important part of dressing, making the ball workshop will outsource 65% of the grade of iron powder by another magnetic separation, dewatering, drying, to produce high grade concentrate, and then blended with a certain amount of sintering agent, resulting in pellets, used for the production of direct reduced iron, so crushing and grinding in mineral processing are important aspects of the production equipment, production materials of particle size and highly demanding. With China is a developing country, renewal of equipment slow, Zhengzhou heyday as the world's leading engineering companies mining equipment, crushers, sand making equipment, grinding equipment manufacturing enterprises, in the face of this situation, self responsibility.

Out to develop the production of limestone processing crusher, jaw crusher using the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level, is more rigid, strong abrasive materials were broken when the first choice for high-performance products, jaw crusher including base, fixed jaw , moving the jaw, eccentric shaft, will be fixed on a fixed jaw jaw tooth plate, movable jaw tooth plate through the connecting rod bolt fixed on the moving jaw, moving, fixed jaw tooth plate on both sides with side boards, moving the upper jaw Set in the eccentric shaft and eccentric shaft between the fixed jaw has a bearing chamber, the movable jaw tooth plate to the top above the fixed jaw tooth plate of about 80-250mm.

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Simple structure is reasonable, higher than the fixed jaw tooth plate on the moving jaw and bearing chamber are well protected, but also to ensure smooth cutting, to avoid the phenomenon of plug material card machine, safe, reliable, and the utility model also simplifies the moving jaw production, moving jaw bearing chamber sealing, and running performance, not oil, to improve the use of the machine, noise, smooth operation, saving energy-saving effect, which will help promote the use, widely used in mining, building materials, silica salt, metallurgy, road construction, chemical industrial raw materials and other fields, especially suitable for crushing medium hard materials such as rock, ore, cement clinker and so on.

At present, China steel production, continuous casting ratio reached 40%, electric steel has reached 23%, compared with Western industrialized countries much lower, with China's continuous casting ratio, increase the ratio of electric steel, scrap iron and steel enterprises produced steel than the relative decrease in the near future will become increasingly larger gap of scrap. Limestone processing, relying on plenty of raw materials, sophisticated technical process, to improve the burden structure, play an important role in improving product quality, alleviate shortage of scrap will also play a role, the limestone deep processing of the market is very promising.

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