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The concrete on your old driveway is really showing its age

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-13
There are most likely spots on your driveway. They are typically dark, which is why they look so awful against the white of the rest of the drive. These are usually caused by oil, leaking from the car or truck, or even something else like transmission fluid or brake fluid (egad!). A cleaner must be used to degrease the spots, since they are usually caused by something oily or greasy. The first thing to try would be dish liquid. Use the newer type that fights grease as that will separate the oil from the water and allow you to wash the stains away, or at least part of them. Pour a good healthy mixture of dish liquid and water on the sports, using more than you would to wash dishes, and leave it there for about half hour. Scrub with a stiff bristle brush and leave for another half hour. Then use a power washer to spray the drive way off, focusing on the oil spots first. Once the driveway is nice and clean, you can patch any cracks or holes in the concrete. You will first want to remove the loose gravel and debris from the holes, which can also be done with the power washer unit. Patch the holes and cracks with epoxy to help bond the patching agent. The thicker the patch, the longer it will survive. If the patch will be an inch or more, use cement patch, but if it is less than an inch thick, you might be better off using epoxy mortar patch instead. Consult a concrete professional, the contractor that put in your driveway, or the sales rep at the store where you would buy the patch material. What you use will be important to the life of the patch. If you intend to resurface or replace the driveway at some point in the near future, the patch won't be quite as important. When done correctly patches can last for years. When you are finished with the repairs, give the whole driveway a coat of sealer to protect it from further wear and weather until you can replace it.
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