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Demolishing a building is a daunting task-one

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-11

The Hydraulic Splitter

The hydraulic splitter produces lateral forces applied to holes drilled in concrete, which break it apart into small pieces relatively quietly, and without the danger of flying debris.

Hydraulic splitters work by inserting its plug-and-feather assembly shaft inside a drilled hole. It is then forced downward by its piston, which ultimately creates the lateral force needed to break the concrete. Cracks are made without having to apply tremendous amounts of force, and spread rapidly and silently between the holes. It only makes a minimal amount of noise once the concrete is broken down into suitable pieces.

The Rotary Hammer

Big Rotary Hammers can be classified as either Spline-Drive or SDS-Max, depending on what they accept.

The main feature of this hammer is its versatility, since it could be used to destroy concrete with two means:

The Demolition Hammer

Demolition hammers are easy to use for practiced hands since they only require sheer strength and smart placing of the hammer blows. Demolition Hammers have similarities with Rotary Hammers-the difference being that Rotary Hammers can bore holes as well.

Demolition hammers make up for their lack of versatility with their overall power, since the power of its blows are 35% more than that of rotary hammers due to using simpler mechanisms. Even if the demolition hammer has a lower rate of blows than the rotary hammer, its strength will make up for it, and it may actually be a faster and more effective means of demolishing buildings.

Chipping Hammers

Chipping hammers are primarily used to break overhead surfaces. Chipping hammers are very light, and offer considerable control, allowing their users to chip away only the specific areas of the surface they are targeting.

Chipping hammers can be powered electrically, hydraulically, or pneumatically, and can weigh between 5 and 30 pounds. They deliver 900 to 3000 rapid chipping actions in a minute. It's advisable to pick out the heavier once, since its effectiveness can be measured by its weight, with heavier ones having more power.

Expansive Demolition Agents

Technically these agents cannot be considered heavy machinery, but I included them in this list due to the pivotal role they play in the demolition process. Primarily composed of cementious powder, expansive demolition agents are mixed inside a bucket with the use of a mixer attached to a drill. This mixture is then poured over holes drilled in the concrete. As the mixture hardens, it also expands, producing cracks on the concrete between them. The cracks are initially as thin as hair, running towards each other, expanding rapidly until the concrete breaks into pieces. The force of expansion can be stronger than 12,000 psi.

When utilized properly, this becomes one of the most effective ways of destroying a building, because it only requires minimum effort and the steps are as simple as this: drill the holes, mix and pour the chemical over it, and after it had done its work, clean up the debris (which won't be that much).

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