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Right from the dawn of the civilization human was helpless

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-17
As mining sector, for the slurries and dewatering type of applications, advanced high pressure slurry pumps gets used since it is hydraulically operated and consist of cam driven plunger and piston type of device. They are able to handle the abrasive and aggressive mining water at extreme conditions like high temperature and pressure. They also come with different accessories, controls and equipment to customize the need. Using them, the fluid can be moved over a large distance thanks to latest technology. The fluids can also be mixture of solid and liquid or liquid with gas or gas with solid contents all of which are chemically very reactive, flammable and dangerous in nature. Hence, while designing this, proper care must be taken. In construction industry, for the movement of concrete and allied mixtures,wet shotcrete machine are widely used across globe because of the range of facilities or activities it offers. It is having vertical and horizontal set of turntables which gives it control and manoeuvrability. The unique brush movement design enables it to consistently spray and distribute in low spray areas and it also gives prime importance to operators since it is having reversible driver's seat. Available in both diesel and electric version, it is having huge carrying capacity and radio remote control also. Steel pipe comes with it which saves the hose from getting dragged or torn. Ease of operation is one of the key features of this unique device . Also, grout mixer is used to mix and move concrete mixture from one place to another. It comes with inbuilt compressor for spraying and inbuilt mixer for blending of raw materials like sand, stone and cement. This air operated device comes in both electric and diesel version and can be customized depending upon the need of the client.
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